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September 01, 2006



Totally ignorant at the very least. Reminds me of the amazement of my highschool students to learn that there really was a Martin Luther.


Heehee!! Talk about an odd moment of surreal disconnect when I clicked on that link. I saw FDR's name and then glanced at the action figure, and all I could think was "why is he dressed that way and what's with the hair"?

The comments are hilarious.

kelly ford

Puh-leeze... Everyone knows Luther from the "I have a dream" speech. (I just am not sure it he did it in German.) Personally, I think his life was amazing, given the influence of his brother Lex.


How come FDR doesn't come with his Rough Riders accessories?
Or his kite with the key?

Patricia Gonzalez

Where's Fala? My husband just came up with this gem: "Franklin wound up in a wheelchair after getting hit by a bolt of lightning. When the Revolution broke out, he uttered this memorable phrase: 'We have nothing to fear but fear itself.'"

Brian Day

I loved this in the second comment (from the link)

Next we'll see Napolean Dynamite as Emperor of France.


Tim Ferguson

A friend of mine and I used to string names of famous people together - people who had both first and last names...for example:

Peter Gabriel Richard Benjamin Franklin Roosevelt

or Mark Anthony Burgess Meredith Baxter Birney


I looked right over it when I first went to the site. It wasn't until I got to the comments that I thought, "Wait a minute!" Of course, when I looked at it again I realized the problem.

It reminds me of the old trick of asking someone "How many of each animal did Moses take on the ark?"


My kids were turned on to classical composer action figures at a college music program...someone had Mozart nailed to his dorm door.

Dave Wells


Of course there was a real Martin Luther. Don't they remember his famous speech in front of the Lincoln Memorial: "I have a dream! Here I stand. God Help me. Amen!"

Tom G.

Ben Franklin Roosevelt. So what? We have nothing to fear but electricity itself. What's the fuss??

Chris from St. Mary's

I sent an email to Target asking them to fix it so they stop looking like idiots.

Christopher Fotos

I'm bummed. I think this mean they're all out of Abraham Washington.

Jeff H.

"Next we'll see Napolean Dynamite as Emperor of France."

What do you get when a terrorist bombs the kitchen of a French restaurant?

Linoleum blown apart

Little Gidding

Chris from St. Mary's,

I wish you hadn't done that. When they fix it, it'll ruin the opportunity for a moment of gleeful humor all over the blogosphere.


Reminds me of the time James Earl Jones was introduced to an audience as James Earl Ray.

Kevin Jones

I wish you hadn't done that. When they fix it, it'll ruin the opportunity for a moment of gleeful humor all over the blogosphere.

That's what prntscrn screen captures are for.

Kevin Miller

Regarding Luther - the comments above remind me of the time one of my college students, having read MLK's "Letter from a Birmingham Jail," and asked by me why MLK had been jailed, replied, "Was it for nailing the 95 Theses to the church door?"

Alas, he was serious.


This makes me want to paste "John Quincy" labels on the Samuel Adams beer in the garage refrigerator just to see if anyone notices.

Mark A Benz

This is one of those things that is both funny and scary at the same time; kind of like a (Stephen) King Henry VIII novel.

Kendall Harmon

Four score and seven years ago our fathers brought forth on this continent, a new nation, and so we observe today not a victory of party, but a celebration of freedom - symbolizing an end, as well as a beginning. I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.

We all know who it is:

Abraham Kennedy Luther King Jr.


Everyone knows that this Franklin Roosevelt. Duh.


I saw a neighbor kid with one of those. Though the box reads "Made in China", the name is correct. We can't blame the furriners for that.

But wait. I just saw on the Fox News bottom crawl a reference to defense "minister" Rumsfeld. Murdoch must have some British typists working for him. Maybe one of them did Target's copy?


Let me guess--Franklin's wife is going to be Eleanore of Aquitaine.

Sigh--another public high school graduate.


And think, if it was a talking doll and you pulled the string it has two phrases:

1. Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.

2. Mr. Hitler, tear down this wall!


Just what I needed!

I wonder when they'll start selling Dan Gore's book about James Brown causing Global Warming by being a single parent who can't spell potatoe.

Chris from St. Mary's

Little Gidding,

Well, they still haven't fixed it. By the time they get around to it, it'll be old news.

James Kabala

tonydoc: How do you know where the guy who wrote this caption went to high school?

Dale G. Leopold

And who could forget Jimmy Carter at the 1980 Dem convention praising that famous Democratic sea captain turned Senator, "Hubert Horatio Hornblower"? I remember thinking then and there that Reagan was as good as elected...

Korla Pundit

What about Pope Benedict Arnold?


I agree with Caroline....


And I was hoping for one of the Andrew Jefferson figures. Or maybe one of the rarer collectibles, like William Howard Hughes.


"Reminds me of the time James Earl Jones was introduced to an audience as James Earl Ray."

And don't forget that, on the day that james Earl Ray died, some news outlets mistakenly announced the passing of Jones instead.

Congrats on the Instalanche!


I almost ordered one.

Then I read the packaging itself is actually correct (above) ... But Wait! Is it still really Bejamin Franklin in the 'Presidential Collections' ???

I think i kinda gotta order one.

K T Cat

It can't be FDR if it doesn't have his kung fu grip!


I'm waiting for the Chrisatmas Season Presidential Packs. All the greats will be included:

RFK with cigaratte holder and pince-nez
Lee Iaccoca
William Jefferson Davis- with hatchet and falling cherry tree action!
Alexander Haig- Now with dueling pistol!!
Hugh Grant in Union Uniform


High school education?

Seems likely the ad writer would be college educated, right?


Also fantastic was when the Gipper introduced (since lynched) Liberian dictator Samuel Doe during a White House ceremony as "Chairman Moe." And mostly because I'm still not sure he wasn't just having fun with the evil swine.

Mark R

Did he invent the cigarette holder?

Christopher Johnson

Target's upcoming Chester A. Arthur action figure is still in the planning stages.

John Blake

As Ben's eighth-great maternal nephew (alas for Uncle Ben!), may we suggest a series of ethnic historical figures, who if not precisely accurate will never be recognized as such:

-- Odoacer of the Goths, who formally ended the West Roman Empire on September 4, 476, by deposing Romulus Augustus ("Augustulus", a pejorative diminutive) 1500 years ago.

-- Krum Strashny ("the Terrible"), aka Khan Krum the Bulgar (d. AD 811), who made of a defeated Byzantine Emperor's skull a drinking cup. Did he like red Merlot?

-- Ogier the Dan, a Viking chieftain remarked by Kipling: "Well could Ogier work his warboat, well could Ogier wield his brand. Much he knew of foaming water, not so much of farming land."

In addition to raising historical awareness, such figures have unquestionable PC appeal. Barbarians with few redeeming qualities, they partake in equal measure of multi-culti "snuff chic", that is, the yearning of eco-snobs etc. for a world as depopulated and impoverished as that of AD 476. Who knows, Odoacer, Krum Strashny, and Ogier the Dane might serve as a tri-fecta for gormless twits currently infesting New Hampshire and Vermont?


"Current" was running TV ads the other day for action figures of Michael Jordan with his sequin glove, surgical mask and 'action pedophile grip' - what ever that is...

I think the Michael Jackson #23 jersey is sold separately...

Did you notice something about Al Gore's birthday? Aside from being 1 day shy of All Fool's Day, it is 9 months after the Roswell UFO crash... makes you wonder if all the aliens were really killed or if one survived and mated


also coming in time for Christmas:

Presidential Brothers Collection:

Jimmy's brother Billy Carter, with 6-pack action and belching noises. pee pee pants kit and bail bonds sold separately.

John's brother Tedward, with 1969 Oldsmobile and empty fifth. bridge and co-ed sold separately.

Bill's Brother Roger, with mafia money laudromat action!


I believe that could have been FDR at a halloween party.


They've taken down the Ben Franklin Delano Roosevelt doll.

Screenshot is available at Who Is It? links says screenshot at bottom of post...

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