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October 02, 2006


Sr Lorraine

Cardinal Mahony has done the same thing as Cardinal Law, so why was Law forced to resign when Mahony has not? One thing is that the courts in Boston ordered the release of confidential papers, which Mahony has been fighting. If his papers became public I wonder how long he could retain his position.


I heard on the radio this morning that Cardinal Murphy Cormack O'Connor had formally complained to the BBC the Panorama programme because, the presenter said, it implicated Benedict XVI in the cover up.



I distinctly remember BBC World doing a news report on this document long before JP2 died. The report included a priest who said that the document had to do with the confessional. I knew there was nothing to the story, so I decided to keep track of it. They dropped it in less than 24 hours.

This revival of a non-story is flagrantly malicious. I am left to wonder why the BBC would do this. Why do they hate Benedict so much??


'Why do they hate Benedict so much??'

Payback for offending Muslims. The BBC is well known to be anti-Catholic and pro-muslim.


That's not all of it. I detected this particular animus long before Regensburg.


I agree that Church leaders need to be more media proactive on these issues, but on occasion their reluctance is understandable. Four years ago, Cardianl Pell, one who gets the necessity of engaging the media better than most, was subject to ambush journalism of the worst kind on Australia's 60 minutes. Invited to talk about the American clerical sex abuse crisis, he was accused by the reporter of abusing a boy as a seminarian. As you know, the subsequent investigation cleared him, but the incident and its aftermath serve as a reminder that simply fronting up for the cameras is not always that simple. Plenty of reporters care for journalistic ethics about as much as they do for church leaders.

Brian John Schuettler

I am seriously considering writing a biogrphy of Cardinal Mahony myself, one that is based on the reality of the damage he has done to the Church and it's members. A bishop who openly confronts the true teachings of the Church and who is defiant in the face of authority is not appropriately named a "moderate voice", he is appropriately named a heretic.


You see this a lot in the British Press. I grew up in Britain, and this is par for the course throughout all of the British Press - broadsheets, tabloids, the internet, the telly, everything. I think their problem with Benedict and the Church is that we continue to toe the line on doctrinal matters, and that grates upon Modern nerves.


It might be pushing it in terms of an "explanation", but of course Britain has an anti-Catholic heritage that dates back quite a while.

I'm afraid from a PR standpoint, all the rationality, honesty, & sensibleness cannot compete with the trolls who no doubt sifted through photo after photo of Benedict in order to find one that made the Holy Father look like a heavy from a Dan Brown novel.

That's just the way the modern-media governed mass-psyche works.

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