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January 22, 2007



I wish every feminist who pretends that abortion is liberating for women could come to understand, as Hemingway somehow did, that it is, in the end, quite the opposite. For every strident feminist who proclaims that her own abortion, and those of all her friends, freed them to pursue new careers, etc., and thereby gave them their selfish so-called freedoms, there must be many many young girls having their own abortions for no better reason than to placate "their man", on whom they are as dependent as the girl in this classic story. The situation for these young women is truly pitiful, and not "empowering for women", to say the least.


Last year the Washington Post, of all papers, reported on the strange scientific finding that "a pregnant or recently pregnant woman is more likely to be a victim of homicide than to die of any other cause."
Why were they killed? In many cases it was because they wouldn't have an abortion and the man was enraged.


(Forgive me if I've mentioned this before--but it probably bears repeating anyway.)

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