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February 20, 2007



"In brief, the crisis that Soloviev foretold is the replacement of faith in Jesus Christ crucified and risen with “a series of values that are easily peddled in worldly marketplaces.”


There is a new (and Satanic) worldly morality afoot - which has also seeped deeply into many churches - inc. especially the Anglican Church - and to some degree the Catholic Church itself.

It is the 'morality' of self-affirmation and feelings:

You're swell the way you are;

The church is here to affirm you, not help you become Christ-like;

The purpose of life is to be 'happy,' in whatever perversities or selfishnesses you're drawn to;

It is wrong to say there is absolute right and wrong (of course, that statement contradicts itself!);

It is wrong to offend someone and hurt their feelings;

It is wrong to say there is any purpose to life other than to 'fulfill' ourselves in whatever toots our horns.

BUT - I assure you - the Pope is well aware of this. It will be a huge challenge for him just to rid our Church of the influence of this evil dreck.



James, you said it well. I think our culture has a profound effect on all of us and I'm afraid the majority of Christians succumb to its influence. In most respects one can't tell the ordinary Christian apart from the unbeliever. It seems that what counts most now is the size of one's house, the degree of "fulfillment" experienced, or the possessions owned.

The taking up your cross thing just doesn't cut it for most folks. Sacrificing one's time, money and energy just doesn't seem worth it to most Christians, unless of course there's something in it for themselves. And to follow Christ, um, well whatever that means, it will just have to wait. And yet one wonders what the purpose of our Christian faith is if our values are simply the same as the values of the general culture that dominates.
Cheers from Canada.


"And yet one wonders what the purpose of our Christian faith is if our values are simply the same as the values of the general culture that dominates."


Hey Tony,

Thanks for the kind remarks! Of course, real Christian values are most definitely not, for the most part, the values of the general culture that dominates!

But on what else you said...

One of the deep Christian secrets (so hard for so many to see and understand) is that living for the good, rather than living for the self - brings infinitely more joy to the soul. Of course, you have to get started, and you have to turn yourself over to Christ (or at least try to!), to get an inkling of the joy which can be yours (even before we get, hopefully, to there where we will see God).

I.e., the cross isn't as heavy as it seems at first!


John Jansen

Soloviev: A fitting choice, considering the Holy Father's yearning for a reunion between East and West.

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