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March 24, 2007



Is the Pope's new book on Jesus being advertised already in the U.S?

I say this because it's #7 on the amazon sales rank. It was in the 20s a few days ago. Such a high rank six weeks before its launch is a very good sign.

Bill Cork

My son about that age was saying something about "chicken feathers," and was very frustrated that we didn't know what he was talking about. Finally we parsed the toddler logic and accent and realized he was asking for a "stick for sweaters"--i.e., a coat hanger.


"..Dat can carry me", in childspeak?


"Oh, yeah! Dat can wear me!"

Actually, that is proper English for those with French Canadien blood.

Much like - "Throw me down the stairs the broom."


He knows that he did not wear the carrier but they (the carrier and himself) were together so the opposite of "I can wear dat" would be ...

Perfectly logical!


Or, just very simply - in that contraption, he is worn by someone bigger!

Patricia Gonzalez

What a bright button your little guy is! It's so simple when you think of it, really -- and yes, perfectly logical!

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