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March 23, 2007


Mark Windsor

Just FYI, it didn't do much good here in Dallas when JPII appointed a coadjutor. Mahoney's made of the same stuff as Grahmann - he's not leaving till he hits retirement.

Boko Fittleworth

When I prepare myself to make a good Confession, I always do an examination of conscience. I proceed by considering each of the Ten Earnest Requests in turn.

M.Z. Forrest

This seems to be a matter of wishful thinking. Privation is a severe punishment. To excercise such power on not just any bishop, but the cardinal bishop of one of the wealthiest dioceses in the world ain't gonna happen over a discrepency in detail between two different audiences. Secondly, for the Pontiff to exercise such power, relations with the Orthodox would be set back at least another 50 years. It is not apparent to me that the communication from diocese regarding his priest was materially defective in the first place. There is a big difference between making a claim in a Vatican judicial proceeding and making a glorified press release.

Jay Conley

Well, you could just take away his red hat. He would still run out the clock as Archbishop just not as Cardinal-Archbishop.

Mark Andrews

Just how old is Cardinal Mahoney anyway?

Paul M


71. Birthday is 2/27/36, so 3 years, 341 days remaining.


"but why lie to the people? That's odd."

The answer to the question is that Cardinal Mahoney didn't "lie to the people." To "lie" to someone means that you say something that you know isn't true. That didn't happen here. The two inaccurate statements were in a 155 page "Addendum" that was prepared by the Archdiocese's lawyers. The Addendum summarizes facts and allegations against numerous accused priests; the lawyers based the summaries on "proffers" that were submitted to and vetted by the Court to ensure their accuracy. The Addendum itself says that summaries were prepared by lawyers: "the Archdiocese’s lawyers have prepared the following summaries of information regarding clergy who have been accused of abuse in the current lawsuits subject to the mediation process.”

Thus, Cardinal Mahoney is not the source of the discrepancy and it is highly unlikely that he was aware of it when the 155 page "Addendum" was released.

It is also correct that the mistatements are "odd" if viewed as "lies." The statements did not serve to make the Archdiocese or Cardinal Mahoney look better. As the Caffoe summary reflects, the accused priest was placed on inactive leave shortly after the videotape was reported.


Ain't gonna happen. The Pope is not ever going to remove or even censur a bishop because he was less than forthcoming in a press release. There are bishops running around who are committing acts of genuine heresy who haven't yet been censured, though I believe that eventually they may be. But "lie" in a press release? Heck the Archbishop probably never even signed off on it. Do you really think that a press release about a pedaphile priest in the U.S. is going to be sent out without a lawyer releasing it? And no lawyer worth his salt is going to let a client admit to any wrongdoing in a press release, no matter what the facts.
Besides Mahoney's got what 3 years until he reaches retirement age? The Church is a 2000 year old institution. It moves slowly and delibertly in most things. Mahoney will be gone before any Vatican action could normally be taken, should the Pope even wish to take an action. His time would be better spent finding a nice orthodox bishop to move in and fix the mess in a couple of years.

Rich Leonardi

Secondly, for the Pontiff to exercise such power, relations with the Orthodox would be set back at least another 50 years.

That would make a total of 100, correct? 50 for Cadinal Law; 50 for Cardinal Mahony. And an archbishop ought to be worth about half a cardinal. Why not add Pilarczyk to the mix to make it 125?.

M.Z. Forrest

Cardinal Law accepted a new bishopric. He was not disciplined.

Rich Leonardi

Cardinal Law accepted a new bishopric. He was not disciplined.

That's nonsense and you know it.

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