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March 10, 2007



I watched Hannity's "diologue" with Fr. Euteneuer last night and found it to be distasteful and insulting. I couldn't help but notice the fact that the venom that he spewed at the good father was in great contrast to his prideful claim of at one point being in a seminary. His main reponse to the father's article was to shamelessly heap the entire church scandal at the father's feet. Apparently in Hannity's view if a small percentage of priests commit henious acts this somehow nullifies all priests from speaking out in moral issues, especially if it calls into question one's own viewpoint.
Oh, and to answer Hannity's question about birth control v. abortion: the lesser of two evils is still evil...

Rich Leonardi

My take on Sean Hannity is that he's a slightly more intelligent version of Bill O'Reilly. Instead of O'Reilly's seat-of-his-pants populism, he offers knee-jerk patriotism. But I wouldn't write him off as a future 'witness.' He's reportedly a voracious reader; if someone could convince him to put down the latest Ann Coulter book and pick up something by, say, Peter Kreeft, he might just feel the twitch upon the thread.


Judge not lest you be judged, the good book says that.

Yes, but the good book also says "If any one refuses to obey what we say in this letter, note that man, and have nothing to do with him, that he may be ashamed. Do not look on him as an enemy, but warn him as a brother."

Mark Wyzalek

For Bill Buckley's take on Catholics' (including Hannity) "Playboy" view of birth control see:

I mostly stopped listening to Hannity when the priest sex scandal's broke into public view a few years back. Iit seemed to me he was more interested in improving his ratings than improving our Church.

paul zummo

I can't listen to Hannity. He basically just berates anyone on his show with an opposing viewpoint. I get the impression he is a sincere fellow and a nice guy off the air, but when the camera is rolling or the mic is on he turns into a clown.

I don't have a huge problem with his on-air apology about eating meat, though it sounds a bit melodramatic. But anyone who uses the "what about the priest scandal?" line of argumentation clearly shows that they just don't have anything substantive to say.


Paul, the problem with the "apology", as Fr. E stated, was that it expressed a juvenile and incorrect take on the issue.


I don't now how old Hannity is (I have never watched him) so I don't know when he got his training but it certainly fits with what I was taught in the 60's - one bite of meat meant an eternity in hell, along with mass murderers. (this does not address the inadvertant eating of meat, which apparently Hannity did, but it is an example of explicit training that we got in the 60's that eating meat = same punishment as murderers.)


The only real Catholic commentary on TV these days? Why, Stephen Colbert, of course! The fine folks at dotCommonweal understand this:



I can't stand Hannity. He speaks with such a smarmy sense of moral superiority. I noticed some time ago, he's not a good public representtion of Catholicism. He is also unreasonably anti-academic/intellectual. I heard a conversation with an economist who was describing post WW2 investments by US businesses around the world. The economist's thesis was that this was implicit imperialism. While I did not necessarily agree w/the economist, I found Hannity's pouncing on the man for the use of the word "imperialism" to be ridiculous and quite unintelligent.


I guess it just goes to show that if you want to see a proper debate, don't watch television. Uncivilised and insulting interrogations by this man Hannity make for 'good' TV, but they shouldn't be considered a serious part of public discourse.



1) I don't believe you

2) Hannity was born in 1961, which means his substantive formation came in the 70's.

paul zummo

According to Jimmy Akin, the (intentional) eating of meat on Friday is a mortal sin, though of course it's not akin to murder. But that's a whole 'nother discussion, and indeed Jimmy's has had about 400 active comments on a post that is now three years old, so we'll leave the controversy there.


Right, Paul. As in "intentional." As in "Screw You, Body of Christ, I don't care what you think or say." As in the definition of mortal sin, which involves cutting oneself off from Christ and His Church. Someone with that level of intentionality has undoubtedly cut himself off from the Church in other ways, as well.

Not as in accidental, and not even as in the case of someone who has been poorly catechized and sees the not=eating-meat thing as nothing more than an identity badge.

The "intentionality" and "with full knowledge" part of "mortal sin" is very poorly understood by most people.

Father Elijah

I have no issue with the comments here concerning Mr Hannity but this is another example of some deeper issues that the Catholic Church-all of us, "the Christian faithful"-need to face and ask ourselves....

What are our underlying assumptions concerning the relationship between being Catholic and American [they are not mutually exclusive nor are Catholics unamerican or unpatriotic]? But in coming into the mainstream American culture during the fifties and sixties what now are the real core beliefs and values which shape our 'world-view'? American middle-class conservative [a whole slew of examples in our pop culture of these] or liberal [whole slew of examples in our culture of these] values? Or the teachings of the Church both doctrinal and moral [and both personal and social]?

In other words, does ideology or faith-love shape us?

Certainly we know of many in the liberal category who pick and choose but what do we make of one of the leading conservative Catholic commentators who wrote in response to Pope John XXIII's encyclical Mater et Magister [the Church as Mother and Teacher]---"Mater si Magister non"?

Who do we really follow?

chris K

Just tell Hannity, given a few more years he won't have to worry so! He can swim in BBQ ribs every Friday (in Lent) if he wants! But he could always offer other sacrifices ... like keeping his mouth shut until at least he's counted to 10!

I found him in the beginning and still do, to be naive and his overreactions prove he uses defensiveness as a substitute for his inability to discern at any real depth.

Has anyone ever asked him just how many abortions have occurred through the use of birth control? That may be another area where one might not have the intention, but it's a bit more final and beyond what an apology could make up for. When that truth is humbly accepted, will he throw BC away as quickly as he did the chicken? Talk about straining gnats and swallowing camels! Just maybe he might choke if you mentioned that he's just another Cafeteria Catholic!

Fr Martin Fox

I was really surprised that happened last night; it made no sense for either of those men to engage in that brawl. Mr. Hannity showed himself to be ill informed on Church teaching, and he didn't seem to be at all concerned about preparing for such an interview; he just wanted to get back at the Fr. Euteneuer for his criticism.

Father E. deserves credit for sticking to his guns, although I wondered if anyone had prepped him for his interview; he could have helped his cause as well.

That can't have helped either of them, but I would guess Mr. Hannity had more to lose. After all, you get into an argument with a priest about whether you're a good Catholic, and Catholic teaching, most people are gonna figure the priest is more the expert, no?


I have a slightly different view of this whole thing. I agree with Fr. Euteneuer that people who are high-profile Catholics have a great responsiblity to get the Church's teachings straight, but I have to think that this "dialogue" would have been much more fruitful had it been done privately. Sean Hannity strikes me as a very decent fellow who like most of us his age had a pitiful formation in the faith, but nonetheless, seems to take his faith seriously. For Fr. to take a swipe at him as a mere "Cultural Catholic" is not helpful. Of course the guy is going to get his back up!

More importantly, I challenge anyone to come up with a member of the media who did more than Sean Hannity to give the Schindler family a fair hearing when their daughter was suffering so cruelly. I think he should be given some credit for that.

Larry Tierney

I wonder if the term "Cafeteria Catholics", would be over 85%?

How about "Cafeteria Catholic Priests", say 42%?


Hannity has been profiled quite a bit in the Catholic media.


Hannity and Bill O'Reilly are peas of the same pod. Both brash, bombastic news personalities who are Catholics by rearing and practice, but who are dogmatically right on everything, even when they "disagree" with the Church. Really amazing. I think Hannity is probably somewhat more docile than O'Reilly, but only by degrees. It's true they both happen to agree with the Church on many things--but then so do many non-believers, so that hardly constitutes faith or piety. I really don't understand why so many people refer to either of these men as "conservative." If Russell Kirk had lived to hear either of them conduct a show, my best is he would not have allowed either of them to claim the title. Right-wing blowhards, perhaps; conservatives, no.


Unlike Sean Hannity, Fr. Euteneuer seems to have kept his cool, but he could have handled the situation better. I cringed when Fr. Euteneuer said he would deny Hannity communion, thinking of the large majority of Catholic couples who use artificial means of contraception.

I listen to Hannity often and he is usually courteous with all his guests. Like his fellow radio and TV commentators there is no depth to his thinking, but he can be entertaining.

ron chandonia

Apparently Hannity learned from the Terri Schiavo experience the same lesson the national GOP seems to have learned from it: Back off from pro-lifers! Sean has lately become a mouthpiece for Rudy Giuliani's presidential campaign, and as such, he is spouting that "Change hearts, not laws" mantra that has been dear to pro-abortion Catholic politicians since the days of Mario Cuomo. Hannity has plenty of company too; it's amazing how many so-called socially conservative pundits have been signing on to Team Giuliani.

If the trend continues, pro-lifers will have nobody to vote for in the 2008 election and will be marginalized even on FoxNews and talk radio.

Phil T.

Peter Kreeft says it so well:

"If you want to invent your own religion, do not be a Catholic. If you want to teach the Church rather than let the Church teach you, there are plenty of other churches for you, churches that welcome theologies without miracles, moralities without absolutes, and liturgies without adoration. Please do not be a Catholic unless you believe the Church's claim to speak in these areas in the name of Jesus Christ."

"There is no such thing as a 'cafeteria Catholic'. Catholics do not pick and choose among the Church's doctrines and laws; we receive them gratefully from God, we 'eat all the food Mother puts on our plate'".

"A 'cafeteria Catholic' or a half Catholic or a 95 percent Catholic is a contradiction in terms. If the Catholic Church does not have the divine authority and infallibility she claims, then she is not half right or 95 percent right, but the most arrogant and blasphemous of all churches...It must be either/or, as with Christ Himself...The only honest reason to be a Christian is because you believe Christ's claim to be God incarnate. The only honest reason to be a Catholic is because you believe the Church's claim to be the divinely authorized Body of this Christ."

- Dr. Peter Kreeft, in his book "Catholic Christianity" (pp. 104-105)


Fr. Euteneuer- recognizes when he sins.
Sean Hannity- refuses to recognize when he's sinned.
I stopped watching Fox years ago, and really dislike the moral neanderthal-ism of Hannity and O' Reilly.
Thank God for Colbert for poking holes in the superciliousness of at least one of these bozos.


I was wondering how long it would take for this to hit the blogs.

I like Shawn. I watch him on TV and listen to him on the radio.

I was rather surprised and dismayed to realize that he does not know the basic tenets of the Catholic faith. Even more so when he said he went to seminary.

He needs to have a long talk with his Catholic spirtual advisor, if he has one, and listen instead of talking.

The term "Cafateria Catholic" comes to mind.

Maybe we should, as devout Catholics, be more worried about teaching the tenents of our faith rather then putting dancers and other such nonsense in the mass.

He owes the good Father an apology and I completly agree with Phil T above.

Dave Wells

Shawn has a huge audience, both on TV and on the radio. His words carry weight with many people. I propose we pray for him, and contact him through his website to instruct him in the Faith.


Wow, how utterly disappointing this situation is. I've liked Hannity, but his approach on this interview/donnybrook was so over the top and insulting to a member of the clergy -- with whom he technically shares a vast agreement on so many things -- that I can't help but lose respect for him. Who won in this? Nobody. Especially the naysayers on religion who rightly point out that if this is how "good" Catholics treat their co-religionists in the hierarchy, who'd want to be part of that faith/religion/church?
Yikes and I won't be watching Hannity anymore.


It is one thing to struggle/disagree with a Church teaching, but quite another to be a public commentator and state that your opposition to the teaching and how you think the Church is wrong.

Hannity could always find creative ways to avoid the issue and work out the issue privately. I think Fr. E is a bit brash, personally. However, Hannity is a blowhard who's show consists of people calling up and saying "You're a great American, Sean."

"Judge lest not ye be judged?" Sean must be as shallow as his counter party Colmes. Why not just have a dialogue about the issue (if you air it in public at all) instead of acting like an whining moron?

Fr. Bryan

You would be surprised at how many of the cable news show and talk radio personalities are Catholic: Hannity, O'Reilly, Matthews, Barnical, O'Brien, Ingram (an adult convert), Vester (now retired from Fox), just to name a few. Of these I have found Ingram to the most clued into Catholicism and Hannity the most clueless. If he is an avid reader as some claim, can some please give this man a copy of the Catechism of the Catholic Church for his next birthday?

As with most in his profession, Hannity does not dialogue with his guests or those who call in to his radio show. That would require the skill of listening, which he lacks. There is a reason it is called "talk radio".

Using the clergy abuse scandal to attempt to silence Fr. Euteneuer comes as no surprise. It is now the standard knee jerk when anything the Church teaches becomes inconvenient or challenging. As with Amy, I am waiting for the Catholic League's response.


""After all, you get into an argument with a priest about whether you're a good Catholic, and Catholic teaching, most people are gonna figure the priest is more the expert, no?
Sorry Fr. Fox but very many catholics fit right in Hannity's mold. Very many catholics are protestents, ie they consider themselves the first and last judges of what's right and wrong.

Woody Jones

I was shocked (no, really shocked, not like Captain Reynaud in "Casablanca") by Sean Hannity's display of insolence and disrespect for Fr. Euteneuer, who is a good priest and a good man. Even if the priest on the receiving end of Hannty's blasts had been a bad one, the insolence and lack of respect would still have been wrong and impious. I will not voluntarily watch Hannity again. But I will pray for him and his conversion.


Um, I, (along with amy, perhaps) will be *shocked* if the Catholic League issues any sort of response. Mr. Donohue needs Fox's ratings way too much...

I think the real Fox is finally being exposed for their true goal: audience eyeballs for advertising dollars. They care little about what the Catholic Church has to say about an issue like birth control.

Also, remember folks that many conservatives have been schooled to believe that birth control is a great thing since it keeps the "wrong people" from producing babies.

Bob Diorio

Actually, Bill Donahue of the Catholic League used to appear on Bill O'Reilly's show quite often...until he criticized O'Reilly for the same sort of things Hannity is guilty of here and was banned from his show. So it is not unlikely that the Catholic League may issue comment on this as well.

Kevin B.

I don't understand where Sean is coming from when he asks, "Do you know anything about me?" Sean may well be more Catholic than the pope outside the TV studio for all I know. But here's the thing: he either believes what he said about birth control or he doesn't. If he believes it, he is publicly dissenting from an article of faith and causing scandal which is not the small thing he seems to think it. If he doesn't, then he is lying in addition to his other sins. That isn't a judgment of your soul Mr. Hannity, it's a judgment of your words and deeds.

I found Hannity's disrespect towards Fr. Euteneur and his rejection of Fr.'s correction especially appalling. St. Peter denied our Lord three times but he never denied that he had denied him.


I agree with Julie. Let's face it, we need Sean; he is one of the most conservative voices out there in the secular media. He did everything he could to save Terri's life. Not everyone watches EWTN. While I agree with Fr. E in theory, I do not agree with his approach. I can think of 101 public Catholics off the top of my head who need to be excommunicated before Sean. I think Sean is a good person who is searching for truth, and perhaps if it were presented with gentleness and love, he would have been more open to hearing it. I agree that this conversation should have taken place privately.

Joseph R. Wilson

Watching Sean Hannity was a bit like looking back not too many years at myself. I have been attending Mass for about thirty years, and came into the Church about thirteen years ago. I remember complaining to my deacon (and now good friend) about his use of "Cafeteria Catholic" (it fit me pretty well, and the truth hurt) about five years ago.

I agree that Sean, as a public figure dissenting publicly from the teachings of our Church is in a special category. But how different is he otherwise from the apparent majority of self-identified Catholics in his view of artificial contraception? And what of our priests and their tortured efforts at being "pastoral" when it comes to this matter; not to mention the Catholic theologians.

Sean's bishop has some work to do, if he has as much of the courage of his convictions as does Father Euteneur. The rest of us have a lot of work to do as well. I, for one, have a lot to make up for. Sean deserves our toughness, as long as we are mindfull that we keep it gentle and reverent, as Father Euteneur did.


Kristen, I couldn't disagree more. The last thing we need is a poorly catechized Catholic with a microphone spouting off more misinformation about the Faith. I'm tired of always having to correct misinformation about the Church. Does anyone know how to email Hannity?


Kristin, Not to be difficult or anything, but 101! I would challenge you to name these folks--not people personally known to you, but public figures that you think deserve excommunication more than Mr. Hannity. It is unfair to make this statement unless you are willing to back it up. BTW, I personally do not believe that his diatribe necessarily incurs that penalty, but, at the very least, he behaved in a manner inappropriate to a Catholic. The good Father deserves to be treated politely, unless one has some very good reason to behave otherwise.


Here is one way to contact Sean



Contact Sean Hannity here:



I am not about to say that I am perfect in any way shape or form, that would be a flagrant lie, but Wow, I can not believe the evil that was just issued from Mr. Hannity's mouth. I am appaled that he would so blatantly strike at one of the church's leaders with such zeal. His faith is obviously on shaky ground. Turning the truth of the real matter from his own blasphomous comments was pure hipocracy. In response to his comments about the sex abuse scandal St. Paul says this, "I know that after my departure savage wolves will come among you" such as the priests in the sex abuse scandals, but Christ assures us in Matthew chapter 16 verse 18 that the gates of the netherworld will not prevail against his church, the Catholic Church. And so in our faith we are rest assured that the church will continue to survive on earth. In Hannity's birth control theology, however, only death can prevail in the countless human lives that will be aborted in response to failed birth control methods. What can we do, pray, for Hannity to renounce his ways and deepen his faith, and that such instances as this may never occur again, and that the truth of God and Lord Jesus Christ will reign upon this world through the Holy Spirit. Amen!


Hannity is relatively young, popular, making a lot of money, and all this may be influencing his ego. He also strikes me as open and sincere, and at the same time he is sincerely mistaken about contraception. Since his Catholic faith is part of his on the air persona, his Bishop should contact him and offer instruction in the faith. If this won't change his commentary on this subject, he should be publicly asked by his Bishop to stop describing himself as a Catholic.

Ed Reinhart

I can't defend Hannity. That was bad,no excuse at all. The problem is that Hannity's view on contraception is what is practiced by the vast majority of Catholics. In Hannity's defense, I have heard members of the clergy defend this practice publically and a number of other dissenting views as well, and much of this has been reiterated in Catholic formation classes. Personally, I hardly ever listen to Hannity, never did warm up to his style.

Ed Reinhart

That was really bad form on Hannity's part. Unfortunately his views on contraception is right in line with the practices of the majority of Catholics if you can believe the sources of such information. Personally I never cared for Hannity's style, so I have hardly listened to him. I would suggest turning off your T.V. if you want to change the culture. I did.

Rich Leonardi

Also, remember folks that many conservatives have been schooled to believe that birth control is a great thing since it keeps the "wrong people" from producing babies.

You can rest assured that when the name 'Brigid' follows a post, what's above it will be unsubstantiated nonsense.

chris K

To those who defend Hannity on the basis that Fr. E just wasn't gentle or kind enough in his approach to defending Church teachings in such a public forum I would only ask to reflect on the approach of Christ when serious matters were in question - whether it be about His Father's house, His own mission that included torture and dying, the real meaning of the Eucharist, serious sin.

Perhaps Fr. E should have ended with the suggestion that Hannity, in the future, choose the likes of a Fr. Greeley instead, if such topics should raise their most often buried heads during the conversation. People are begging for the Truth to be told even once to a waiting or even unsuspecting audience, and when it is pronounced, even when unexpected, the "approach" is criticized. Don't you think we've had the gentle approach for too many decades already? Sean wasn't really attacking the messenger here. He was put on the spot to either attack the teaching itself or hide behind some other side issue. If there had been no scandal I wonder if the other approach would not have been used ... that is usually, "what business does a pope who does not live the life of a married couple, never diapers a baby or gets up with sick children, etc. have to lecture couples?".

Better to be shocked or humiliated now rather than when it will either be too late or a lot harder to take!


send Sean copies of the Catechism

Patricia Saracco

The widespread use of artificial birth control by practicing Catholics casts a pall on the entire Church. It has led to sexual immorality, especially our young people, who flagrantly disregard the Church's teachings on sexuality. Rather than "liberating" women, it has made them mere objects of pleasure for men, who have no reason to limit their sexual desires. By insinuating that he is a "good" Catholic, and then loudly denouncing the Church for its teachings, Sean Hannity is guilty of scandal--scandal of greater proportion than most of us, because of his huge audience. He may have been in the seminary, he may have taken Latin, but you know what they say: you may be sitting in McDonald's, but that doesn't mean you're eating a hamburger. I for one will pray for him to 1) learn and understand the teachings of the Church, and 2) to learn HUMILITY.

Sean: the sexual act occurs within the Covenant of Marriage. The SIGN of this COVENANT is the CHILD. That's a starter for you.


This should come as no surprise to anyone who remembers Hannity's gushing support of Arnold Schwarzenegger over pro-lifer Tom McClintock in the California Republican primary. Hannity does not understand anyone who would vote Republican because of principles, but rather bases his "principles" on being Republican.


If you listen to Mr. Hannity what comes across, most stridently, is his need to be right. What was revealled in his exhange with Fr. Euteneur was just how desperate and indiscriminate that need is. What a coward. He challenges a priest on an issue he knows nothing about, and in order to avoid exposing his ignorance, he proceeds to change the subject at every turn. Only the truly arrogant argue in such a way as to prevent the truth from being known. Well done Mr. Hannity!


I hate to question someone's faith, but in this case i think it is fair to do so. I believe Hannity's views on such issues as abortion and the sanctity of marriage, originate more from his political views than from any spiritual or theological views, thus an issue like birth-control, or let's say the death penalty in which many on the political right are at odds with many in the church, people like Hannity would tend to take positions against the church. ( Also, recently Rush Limbuagh gave a very passionate defense of embryonic stem cell research, but i couldn't tell you what religion he is, his views originated from politics not faith, I guess)
On the other hand, to be frank, Hannity probably has a very short-sighted view of what it is to be catholic, his catechesis is/was probably watered down at best. So in this case we can make a comparison between Hannity and Kerry, both being Catholics, and both people who probably had watered down catechetical formation in their formative years. This should just be another reminder to all of us faithful Catholics, just how important sound and solid catechesis is, and anything that sways from the truth in any way or form in our parishes or schools, should be confronted charitably. I always remember a very wise CCD teacher who was instructing other CCD teachers, who said, " you never know when you could be teaching future sports stars, actors, business leaders, politicians etc." teach our young people the faith sound and solid.


I met Sean Hannity in Phoenix last year. My mother is in Terri Schiavo's condition and I wanted to thank Sean for what he tried to do for Terri. I am saddened to learn that he is not a faithful Catholic. He has joined the ranks of his favorite punching bag, Ted Kennedy. Fr. E was masterful, charitable and bold. He was clearly inspired by the Holy Spirit. Mr. Hannity is a very proud man and one way to reach him is to prick his pride. I hope he spends the weekend reading the catechism.


I don't understand the view that Fr. E was too strident in this exchange. I didn't see the interview, but really, we have all sorts of "pastoral" (read: soft-peddled) approaches on this issue. Pamphlets in the back of church, mild suggestions to attend NFP classes before marriage, A 3 line suggestion in a bulletin, and a near universal, but vague recognition among parishioners that the Catholic Church doesn't approve of contraception. All of these mild approaches have obviously failed.

Hannity is an adult. He surely knows about his Church's teaching on this issue. Along with all of us, he has had the soft sell on this teaching for decades. Finally, when a priest actually is firm on the issue, people complain that he is too strident?

Maybe Hannity needs a strong, public rebuke to get him thinking. If so, then Fr. E was the right man for the job. If he needs a firm, but private rebuke, then someone in his private life needs to step up to the plate.

Peter Hoh

If the Catholic League issues a statement critical of Hannity's conduct during his interview with Father Euteneuer, let me know and I'll donate 20 bucks to my neighborhood Catholic parish.

chris K

And now we have another addition to the conversation in an Open Letter to Sean Hannity by Fr. Jonathan Morris:


To what purpose in addressing the teaching in question beats me.


I was appalled by Hannity's exchange with Father. I lost SO much respect for him. Hannity acted just like the liberals he berates. He wouldn't stay on point, he shouted over Father, he projected onto his guest, he engaged in minor character assasination...in short he had nothing useful to say. He employed every technique used by someone who is full of it.
I'm not an idiot. I know most Catholics stupidly agree with Hannity on the contraception issue but this is a situation where ignorance most certainly is NOT bliss. The truth is the truth regardless of what the daily opinion polls say.
I am going to pray for him and I'm also sending him Christopher West's "Theology of the Body For Beginners" and also West's "Naked Without Shame" cd teaching set. Wish I could send one to every parish priest, too...


I haven't watched Hannity and Colmes for weeks and my life is a lot more peaceful. So tired of people talking over one another. I was a former fan of Fox News, but have really tuned out from O'Reilly, to Greta....I don't waste my time. As for the clip on the show w/ Fr. E., it shows just how little Hannity truly knows about the faith and doesn't at this time care to learn anything more. I hope Hannity grows as a Catholic and becomes a true witness to the faith.

J. Tzos

Sean Hannity is a CINO: Catholic In Name Only!
He has made jokes about eating meat on Friday during Lent in years past and has commented that, paraphrasing: "He goes to Mass on Sundays every chance he gets."
The reason Hannity is so enthralled with birth control, and thinks that "it's a good thing", is that he is, in my opinion, a practitioner. He was married for several years before his son, now about eight years old, was born. Another four or five years passed before the second child was produced, and he let it be known that there wouldn't be any more additions to the "human" Hannity family, but they did get another dog. It's my opinion that either he or his wife have been sterilized (vasectomy/tubes tied), or they employ abortificants, IUD or condoms. I have sympathy for his wife as she is a convert to Catholicism and he is a lousy example of a member of the Catholic faith. His ignorance of Natural Family Planning, referring to a biological method to predict the fertile period of a woman's cycle so that a married couple can decide whether or not to have intercourse during that period is hardly "birth control." I wonder if he knows that you're not control birth by practicing ABSTINANCE! His ignorance is astonishing.
The fact that he would consider receiving Holy Communion in the state of mortal sin is sickening. I'm sure he would resist the invitation to jump into a cesspool, but doesn't mind bringing our beloved Savior into the cesspool of his soul.
He spouted the fact that he was in the seminary, as if that was a plus on his part. He was in a high school seminary, as was Tom Cruise, and look at where he is today. And, Adolph Hitler also attended seminary! I suppose he thinks he's in good company in that regard.
On his radio show on Monday, in response to a caller who tried to tell him that he needed to be educated in life issues, he berated Father Euteneuer for not contacting him privately about the matter, but failed to point out that Father tried to do just that in 2004 when he had a similar outburst of Catholic ignorance. The man needs a lot of prayer and a great big dose of humility. Maybe if Father Morris, the FOX Catholic advisor (God help us!) can be replaced with someone who knows the truths of our faith, that individual can lead Hannity to repentance and God's great gift of Mercy on the upcoming Feast of Divine Mercy, April 15th.

Dave James

Hannity was out of his league on this one. He's a virtual font of talking points and heaven help the person with whom he is engaged in conversation if those talking points are in some way stirred up or refuted. No sensible person, whatever their political or religious view, would want to be interviewed by him because his style is that of the prosecutor and interrogative. Frankly, I find him rude, relatively shallow, and if he wished to take the Reverend Falwell up on some sort of standing offer to join that Lynchburg VA Baptist congregation, he should. Good riddance.


The only remaining questions are: who is his pastor, his parish, and what is his bishop going to do?

Does anyone know where is parish is or what his pastor has said?


I gave Fr. Tom $100 for his courage.

rob stasi

Message for Sean Hannity: You might consider yourself to be a "Great American," But swallow your ego and admit you are not an intelligent, informed Catholic. If you don't agree with the teachings of the Church, get lost and join Rev. Falwell and his Baptist Church as you have so stated.

Bill Cork

Fr. Morris, a priest of the Legion of Christ, knows the truths of the Catholic faith. He also knows Christ's supreme command, which is to love one another. Euteneuer certainly got lots of attention for himself by this, but did he persuade a single person who wasn't already committed to his cause? Did he speak to the millions of Sean Hannity's in the pews who don't need church authority, but persuasion and love and conviction? Euteneuer scored points for beating up someone he declared to be a "heretic." He's gloating on his own blog about scoring those points.

Meanwhile, Fr. Jonathan Morris asks, "What is the way of Christ?"

Jerry Laurent

Bill Cork believes (people) in the pews don't need church authority, but persuasion and love and conviction. It shouldn't be either/or. We need church authoity along with persusion. The problem is we are getting neither from many
of our bishops, priests, and other religious teachers. "...for the gate is wide and road that leads to destruction and those who enter it are many. How narrow the gate and constricted the road that leads to life. And those who find it are few." (Mt 7:13-14) Does
Mr. Cork really think that Fr. Euteneuer was
"scoring points for beatingup someone he declared to be a 'heretic'?" Was he not, rather, defending The Faith. Shouldn't we do
the same lest we encourage someone to enter the
"wide gate" to destruction.


I love the Legionaires. In fact, I think they are one of the very few institutions within Holy Mother Church that will sustain her (from this side of Heaven) going forward in the future. For this love of Holy Mother Church and the Legionaires, Fr. Jonathan, needs to step away from Foxnews. The Legioniares really got a black eye on this one, and this will haunt them for years to come. Fr. Jonathan, God love you, and so do I. This is a terible real life example of the problem of when Holy Mother Church gets too close to the World instead of leading it. Loyalty can get lost. If Fr. Jonathan steps away, maybe it will serve as a wake-up call to Sean. Apparently, being called a heretic in public was not enough to wake him. Where is Sean's bishop? Where is Sean's pastor? This is the defining moment for the Legionaires and the Church Militant. Let us not waste the opportunity.

Miguel Andres

"I cringed when Fr. Euteneuer said he would deny Hannity communion, thinking of the large majority of Catholic couples who use artificial means of contraception."

But isn't it the truth that Catholics who use artifical contraception are doing something gravely sinful, and if they are aware of that, they should not be receiving communion? Doesn't anyone know what sacrilege is anymore?

I too am extremely dissapointed in the Legionaries of Chris over this. Fr. Morris' letter, whatever his intention, basically came off as Fr. E. was wrong and uncharitable, and poor Alan and Sean. That may have not been Fr. Morris' intent, but that is the impression I was left with after reading his "I'm so sorry" letter to Hannity. Did Fr. Morris say in his letter that perhaps Sean was incorrect in using artifical contraception? Maybe yes, if one is reading between the lines.

The issues here are Truth and Hell. One should use one to avoid the other. The LC will not get my support anymore, until they publicly disavow Fr. Morris' letter.

Jeanne Schmelzer

Fr. E said that Sean invited him on to discuss this subject with him. He did not try to make it public. Sean made it public. As regards Fr. Jonathan Morris, he came off very protective of Sean but then the next day he tried to cover his rear by stating that he will talk about birth control in a future blog. It sounded to me like he realized his mistake of not stepping away from the situation and wants to correct all the misinformation thrown around. We'll have to see what he says.

Linda Robinson

Although Sean was a lone voice in defense of Terri Schiavo, his basis for defending her was faulty. In effect, his whole defense was that there was no evidence of her wishes; presumably, if documentation could have been produced stating Terri's wish to be terminated, he would have said, "OK, pull the feeding tube." The church has made it clear that removal of a feeding tube is immoral unless the administration of food worsens the patient's condition, in which case the patient is in the process of dying. Terri was not dying; administration of food did not worsen her condition.

Sean apparently either didn't know the truth or simply played the legalities game. Either way, his defense of Terri -- though it should be appreciated at one level -- shows his ignorance of (or disregard for) Church teaching.

Isn't it somewhat ironic that the priests and bishops involved in the abuse scandal also went to seminary, Sean? (Sorry, couldn't resist that).


A public sin/mistake requires a public apology.

Fr. Morris should offer a public apology to Fr. Eutenauer and Catholics for his letter. (He was bold enough to step into the fray, now be courageous enough to admit your mistake.) Trying to now talk about contraception on his blog does nothing to repair the damage he's done with his public letter. It is a coward's way out. We've enough cowards in black (and purple).


Interesting how Hannity tried to change the topic to a "coverup" of the scandal. A lot of people in the news media are also involved in their scandals too. The media does a magnificant job of covering it up too. And I don't see Hannity doing anything about it either. Hypocrate.

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