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March 07, 2007



Very rewarding and worthwhile reflections from Mr. Koontz. I have only read one of his novels, "Lightning" was the title of it I think. But I might have to revisit him.


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"Therefore beauty is a gift to us."


One of the most profound reasons to believe in God (though there are many) is that we are surrounded by beauty and majesty - in living nature, in the self-sacrificial love of which only humans are capable, in mathematics, in thought and awe and imagination and wonder, and of course, in art and music.

Beethoven's 9th is not an accident. Neither is the mysterious joy Koontz feels when he watches his dog.

For those of the atheistic faith, our affination with beauty is just caused by random mutational accident, and is a human delusion.

That line of thinking would be one of the greatest delusions of all.



I'm appreciating Dean Koontz's books more and more. I've just read Brother Odd and I am thankful Mr. Koontz has a large backlist.


Well, I guess I owe my wonderful husband an apology...again. I am guilty of chiding him with, "Why don't you read something spiritual for a change?" Who knew?


I have enjoyed many of Dean Koontz' books, and appreciate the spiritual angle in them.
"One Door Away From Heaven" deals with some life issues; and one of the protagonists is a handicapped girl who is empathetically portrayed. If you liked "Odd Thomas", you may like Chris Snow, the main character in "Fear Nothing" and its sequel, "Seize the Night".

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