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March 28, 2007


Sr Lorraine

The Pope made this interesting comment:

"Under the aspect of demography, one must unfortunately note that Europe seems to be traveling along a road that could lead to its disappearance from history."

He didn't specify exactly what he was referring to, but I would suppose it's the declining birth rate and the influx of Muslim immigrants. The next paragraph mentions a lack of social cohesion. Perhaps he was saying obliquely that Europe is on the road to becoming Eurabia.


Oh, I just tried reading Jane Kramer's Letter from Europe ("The Pope and Islam" - not available online) in this week's New Yorker, and hardly know where to begin to deconstruct the chain of cheap opinions. It's like it never saw the hand of an editor.


Romano Prodi? The civil unions guy for Italy? What's he doing in that conference?

Clare Krishan

I don't want to appear rude (I'm European but live this side of the pond) but unless American Catholics make parochial schooling more affordable or start seeking election to public school boards, Eurabia could be the old continent's faint echo of a new world Ameristan. Consider certain Latin American's affinity for their nation-state brothers in Egypt and Iran at 30Days where the green stars-n-crescent hangs comfortably next to anything hammer-n-sickle-like with a public Cross nowhere to be seen. This 40 years afterPaul VI’s encyclical Populorum progressio where the good Cardinal Maradiaga warns of unintended consequences to indifference to our poor co-religionists. Should they ever vote with their feet and choose to favor the wealthy patrons who buy their sugar crops, the quandry of missiles in Cuba will resemble a gothic ghost story after the Mullahs reach the Rio Grande!

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