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April 26, 2007



That's probably the best religion article I've ever read in the Times. It's nice to see the friars' faith and activities treated respectfully. God bless the Franciscan Friars of Renewal.


Our youth ministry recently had the opportnity of a visit by Father Stan Fortuna who raps and presents an incredible chastity talk for youth: http://www.francescoproductions.com/

He is also a Franciscan Friar of the Renewal

very good!

Boko Fittleworth

New York's all right--if you like saxophones.

Remember when Fear played that on SNL? They brought in their own slam dancers (back before it was called "moshing") Good times.


I met Fr. Stan briefly last summer. God bless all the friars.


I have also been fortunate enough to meet Fr. Stan. He has a real rapport with young people. as you say God bless the friars.
It's so amazing that those "religious orders are struggling simply to maintain their current numbers" just don't seem to get it. The friars dress in the traditional Franciscan robes (gray not brown) and live in community under strict vows. Compare that with a "modern" nun in a business suit wearing gold earrings. Is it any wonder one order is thriving and the other is struggling?

Glenn Juday

Our diocese/parish has had the pleasure of hosting the Franciscan Friars of the Renewal for a youth summer program (and a follow-up visit). They are translucently genuine in their faith. I haven't met anybody who was not attracted by their genuineness and committment.

Those qualities open the door so to speak. Then comes an opportunity to present the Church's proposition, to invite a response. The Franciscan Friars of the Renewal have developed a talent for St. Paul's "... all things to all men." They are inventive (shave the head on top, grow the hair on the bottom half of the head - it's striking, and a bit goofy), and seem to easily adopt the cultural ephemera of young adults as described in this article.

But in reading and evaluating articles such as the one posted here, it's important to be as clear-eyed about these tools of approaching the culture as the friars are. This is not cultural self-expression on the part of the friars. The friars are extremely well-trained in self-discipline. Their emphasis is in helping those they minister to by growing in a relationship with Christ. They teach the faith in detail, they focus on the sacraments.

They can do the activities described or they can do others. The purpose of all their activities is to deepen that relationship with Christ, and to promote fidelity in living out the life of virture required by a genuine acceptance of the invitation.

More of the Church could do this, you know. More of us could do this. I could do more of this. When you start doing things that cause those responses - that's a genuine Catholic ministry.

ron chandonia

Members own no personal possessions and beg even for their food. Nonetheless, the order’s 10 friaries are bursting with recruits . . .

It never occurs to them that the "nonetheless" should instead be a "consequently."

Venerable Aussie

You can download a recent- and amazing ( considering it was on a secular station) - interview with Fr Stan Fortuna here during his recent trip to Australia:


Nate Metzger

Yeah. Not a bad article, for the Times especially. The Franciscan Friars of Renewal are about as cool as you can get.

And: duh! They are getting lots of novices.

When progressives talk about the need for change, they aren't just wrong in theory. They are, plainly and simply, wrong empirically. Here's another story--in the Times, of all places--showing this.

Again: duh!




Hey! How's about a Catholic Underground for us formerly-young-peoples?


These Friars are awesome! We have a friend who is a member of this order and they have come to Phoenix often. What is amazing is that they almost shun the attention they receive! They work hard to remain humble and to avoid that whole ‘cult of personality’ thing. We heard of real miracles they have witnessed as they struggle to provide for the poor. I am so glad news of this kind was actually published in the Times!


SouthCoast, the Catholic Underground for us formerly-young-peoples seems to be the cemetary. Ha ha. I know what you mean, though. ;0

karen o

My daughter lives in NYC and when I go visit I always make sure its the first Sat. of the month so we can go to Catholic Underground. Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament in the darkened Church and the beautiful chanting of the psalms is a taste of heaven. The first time I went I couldn't stop talking about it=I even dreamed about it. Christ's prescence was palpable. There is one word to describe the Friars-JOY.

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