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May 15, 2007


thomas tucker

The other good blog writer about The Sopranos is The House Next Door- that's who I was trying to think of yesterday, and he has a good post up about the latest episode. I extend heartfelt apologies for not giving a spoiler alert in my pst yesterday- unfortunately, I didn't think abou it until after the fact.
One thing about the latest episode is that it seems to me that Tony is committing a sort of suicide by killing Christopher, and then assuming Christopher's own persona by having a sexual liason with Christopher's mistress and doing drugs. I wouldn't be surprised to see Tony commit suicide in fact. The other thing that wouldn't suprise me is to see his psychiatrist notify the authorities about Tony's admission of murdering Christopher, or was that too tangential an admission?

Jeff Miller

I haven't gone through the whole book yet, but what I have read so far is stunning. Surely this book is the Pope's finest hour and will surely be the book he will be most known for. What wonderful insights he has on Jesus and the way it is written allows anybody to start to plumb the depths he has written of.

T. Chan

A question for those who already have a copy of Jesus of Nazareth: how is the quality of the publication by Doubleday? I remember Crossing the Threshold of Hope was of rather poor quality--uneven edges, poor quality of paper, and so on. Is the Doubleday print as good as what Ignatius Press might put out? (I assume IP is distributing Doubleday copies, rather their printing their own edition, but if this is not the case, please inform us!)


T. Chan:

I got my copy of the book yesterday, and it's beautiful. Handsomely bound (it has the Holy Father's coat of arms in gold on the cloth), solidly typeset, and even the title page is esthetically composed.

Well done, all around.

Sandra Miesel

As a supplement to Park's book, may I recommend DEATH, DISSECTION, AND THE DESTITUTE by Ruth Richardson? According to her, British body snatching was a result of medical schools' demand for cadavers outstripping the supply of executed felons' bodies. A "reform" bill in the 1830s sent the corpses of indigent people off to be dissected, a cruel class-linked practice. It's still hard to get people in the UK to leave their bodies to science even though it's voluntary.


First? RIP, Reverend Jerry Falwell. Your enemies, revealing themselves in all their glory today, show what kind of life you lived.

bill bannon

The video of Stephen Wiltshire's autistic memorization of Rome in his art is a must see. I am a very realist seascape artist now with Thistledown Gallery in Spring Lake, New Jersey and I can create whole ocean and surf scenes of more realism than Stephen uses....but memorizing preconsciously has nothing to do with what I do. It was facinating to see a totally different talent at work and one which shows memory of perhaps Jung's concept of the pre-conscious combined with what most of us don't have: recall. Stephen's memory may be the one we all have. His recall is what is unbelievable. I'm sending that link to family....stunning.

T. Chan

Bede: Thanks for the info--I'll be getting the book soon; may our Lord grant the Holy Father the time and energy to finish the second volume!

Daniel H. Conway

John Allen remains a healthy tonic to the profoundly arch-conservative views of Sandro Magister. He is tiresome in his explanations and routine deletions of B16's words and in particular the clever way such deltions de-emphasize the dramatic aspects of B16's teachings, emasculating their impact.

anonymous this time

What a small world. Katharine Park is my academic advisor. She's an excellent scholar and Secrets of Women is an excellent book.


An amazing Sopranos episode this past Sunday. I agree that it was one of the best of the series.

For those (like me) who can't pass up tidbits about the show's actors, here is a nice story about Gandolfini's return (a couple of weeks ago) to Paramus Catholic High School, where his father worked for many years.


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