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June 26, 2007


Rich Leonardi

But like most apologists for atheism, he evinces little interest in the topic of religion as it is actually lived, preferring to stick to the safer ground of putting the godly in the dock and cataloguing their crimes against humanity.

When Mr. Hitchens can provide an answer for why, as soon as God's yoke is thrown off, man resorts to pleasantries like the Vendee genocide, a successful campaign by France's revolutionary government to murder roughly a quarter million men, women, and children, perhaps his line of reasoning will be more persuasive.

David Deavel

Many have made hay over the large number of copies Hitchens has sold; but the DaVinci Code and The Left Behind series sold many more. Like them, however, Hitchens's work will be seen as a very quaint period piece in a very short time.

Mark Shea

It was quaint the day it was published. The New Atheists are really Old Atheists: throwbacks to Enlightenment moralists who believe the bits of Christian culture they happen to think are "self-evident" will go on of their own accord once you have destroyed the religion. Fantastically naive!

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