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June 01, 2007



Interesting stuff. I wonder if this is more to open up the position for somebody stronger in the Higher Education position. It seems like a demotion for Miller. He may end up coadjutor for eight years.

We seems to have things moving here in Canada. We have had Arch Bishops appointed now in Toronto, Ottawa, Edmonton, and Vancouver. The American church seems a little slow to get these things done.

BTW, ArchBishop Collins of Toronto made a pretty good speech the other day. You can find it here:


Whispers in Loggia has a link to the audio.

Woody Jones

Here in Houston Father Miller (as he then was) was much loved by all, and many of us have followed his career with great interest since he moved back to Roma. In the spirit of Talleyrand (who once reputedly asked, of a Russian ambassador who had just dropped dead at the Congress of Vienna, "I wonder what he means by that?") one cannot help but wonder what this latest move means.

Bill Wiens

As one of Archbishop Miller's new flock, I am very hopeful. Some associates of mine with direct experiences, and a few observations of my own, suggest that some in the local hierarchy have used Archbishop Roussin's illness as an opportunity to serve their own questionable interests. I hope the new appointment will bring about some good changes around here to go along with the rest of the good in the archdiocese.

I will keep my new Abp Miller in my prayers -- not many people get to prayer for *both* of their bishops!


I'm also very excited about our new coadjutor Archbishop!

May God bless him as he prepares to make his way to us here in Vancouver! Please keep both Archbishop Roussin and Archbishop Miller in your prayers!

Deo Gratias!

Catherine L

Bishop Miller was on the faculty at the U. of St. Thomas in Houston and the students he advised apparently wore a path in the carpet leading to his office door. Everyone lucky enough to know him praises him glowingly.

Harrison Ayre

I will have to say that this is good news. Archbishop Roussin's health had started the rumours that he may indeed be in search for a coadjutor Bishop.

It seems Archbishop Miller will be of great help to Vancouver and, because of his health, will give Archbishop Ray the opportunity to retire early if necessary because I know that his health has really taken a toll on him, but he's been persevering regardless.

It is exciting because I think Archbishop Miller will bring much vibrancy to BC in general and really help facilitate what's begun there with a massive explosion of people's dedication to their faith!


We are given yet another "teacher" from Benedict, the teacher (I mean this as a compliment, in case it's unclear).
Rocco said a few days ago that the Archbishop of Louisville looks likely to be the next big one to drop. From what I understand, that assingment will be quite a challenge, to put it charitably.


AMy ,can you tell me if the blog Pontifications has gone offline again.

I am noticing it hasnt been working fo several days.

I am not sure if he has just changed sites?

Zadok the Roman

Archbishop Miller is well-known here in Rome for being a very gracious and talented man. I've heard many good things about him, and am confident that he'll do excellently in a diocese.

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