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June 23, 2007


Patricia Gonzalez

Wow ... good one, Holy Father! BXVI blows me away with his candor and clarity. I hope the Lord keeps him around for a long time -- God bless him and strengthen him in his dealings with great and small!



Absolutely. He's not afraid to put it out there! It's a refreshing change from all the diplomatic niceties that have dominated a lot of Vatican discussion hitherto.


I'd be very careful taking at face value anything the British media says about Tony Blair. He gave a speech on June 12 that (justifiably) ripped the media, calling it a "feral beast" and they now have it in for him. So you can expect that they will spin their stories to cast him in a negative light.


Remember this: The British press has it in for Tony Blair after he ripped the media in a speech on June 12. They will spin every story about him in a negative way. So I'd take this report with a grain of salt.


Hurray for Pope Benedict! Such courage is hard to find. It's so good to see the awesome leadership the Pope provides. God bless him with many more years!!!
Cheers from Canada.


The Holy Father is wonderfully outspoken when necessary, but he's no Rambo. "Diplomacy" is a good word. A little more of it and this discussion regarding Iraq might not have been necessary.


An interesting meeting that is for sure. Also it is interesting to contrast the Bush meeting with this one


This is my take: the before and after expressions of both Bush and Blair were very telling-both looked very uncomfortable after their meetings. I think Bush got an earful on the plight of Christians in Iraq but the Pope gave him an A for his support of the family and for life. Blair on the other hand, must have received a failing grade on almost everything; no wonder he looked so sheepish. I think the Cardinal was invited into the audience (highly unusual) because Benedict wanted no misunderstanding and no spinning on what he said and what he meant. Benedict knows that the British episcopate might in the end accommodate Blair (after all, this same Cardinal had the 99 Islamic names of Allah chanted in Westminster Cathedral just a few days ago) but Benedict wanted it understood that it would be against his own pastoral judgment as to Blair`s fitness for admission into the Church. Bravo, Papa, but it must be heartbreaking for you, to know and be burdened with so much disloyalty and disobedience in the Church.


Nonsense. I doubt the Pope would be saying anything to discourage Tony Blair from _entering_ the Church. A little bit of pastoral guidance to him and his wife Cherie on what Catholics believe, sure.

But this rumor about Blair, having the opinions he does, planning on entering the Church and the diaconate training program at the first time... yeah, I can see where the Pope might have a few words to say to the Cardinal about _that_, and they might as well be said in the presence of the potential candidate. Being a deacon is a big job which requires a lot of practice in everyday holiness. Bishops don't usually offer clergy jobs right away even to clergy who convert.

So I don't think even Blair's mom would say he's a "proven man" in that sense. Give him some time to settle into the Church, serve as a layman if he likes, and then see where things go.


It is hard to believe that a politician of Mr Blair's experience, expected that his government's assault on the independence of the RC church on the adoption issue would have gone unnoticed by the Vatican. I doubt that he expected an easy ride given the forthright statements of Cardinal O'Connor just a few short weeks ago. The media works on a short memory cycle expecting us to forget the recent past and feign surprise at their "news".


Minority report: perhaps B16 was making a joke about miracles in Britain. I think he has a sense of humor.

John Sheridan


I agree he was speaking tongue in cheek. All the same, the remark was a zinger.

Morning's Minion

Here's my suggestion: let Michael Novak, George Weigel, and Richard John Neuhaus travel to Rome to receive a similar tongue-lashing from the pope for their continued support of this awful war.


What a badass pope Benedict is! I'm really proud of him, once again.


Good one. The Brits would appreciate Benedict - they like a quick wit. I personally hope the Pope made it clear that unless Blair had a miracle of conversion and repented, his fitness to enter the Church should be questioned. Or if you will, having been publicly and actively opposed to Church teaching Blair should be advised as to what may be necessary for true conversion, ie. sincere repentance. It is my humble, personal opinion that expecting a pastor to do this kind of counselling is not "Nonsense". But I certainly do not think the Pope would have used the same dismissive tone as the word conveys; he is quite a gentleman.

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