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December 21, 2003


How nice of His Eminence to want to "talk" about the issue/problems of homosexuals as it relates to the Church faithful and to pastors who have parishes in communities with many gay residents. As my late mother used to say, "talk is cheap." But then she used to call priests "wimps" to their face. But Cardinal George, juggling this crazy archdiocese, is welcome to "talk". I have other problems in my parish that does not host many gays...the Pax Christi scurrilous and libelous attack on the United States Government comparing it to Herod's slaughter of the Holy Innocents. Thanks to Chicago's ever heterodox 8th Day Center for Justice where the Passionists and Sisters of Saint Joseph, TOSF both belong...and are my parish's pastor and associate, we had the surprise of finding out that President Bush and Herod the Great are related by action.

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