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January 31, 2005


We likewise addicted--I mean devoted--to our story times at the library.
Last week we read Moo, Moo Brown Cow by Jakki Wood. It has the most beautiful illustrations. This will be our gift book this year for the various birthdays coming up.
At a separate story time we read the Big Book of Beautiful Babies by David Ellwand. This was definitely a hit with the under 2 crowd because some of them were still fighting over a copy this week.
My son is compulsive about ANY Byron Barton Book, but particularly Trucks. It really must be all about the illustrations because the text is grating. "On the road here come the trucks. Here is the truck with bread for the store...Here is a truck being loaded with garbage...." Okay, we do read that 20 times a day.
My six year old nephew is addicted to the Mo Willems books about the Pigeons. They have the added benefit of being funny enough to keep you entertained as you are reading it for the ninth time. My sister and my nephew even act it out at night, with my nephew making the Pigeon's comments. As I said, it is pretty funny---imagine the first time you read Click Clack Moo.
Chris Raschka has written some books about jazz greats. We've only read Charlie Parker Played BeBop and it is a fantastic book if you like jazz. He also has one on Monk and one on Coltrane.
And of course, any Sandra Boynton.....

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